Monday, March 20, 2023

Farewell Programme


Farewell Programme


Good morning everyone present ………………………………..

Let me begin with 'Life is a journey and we are travellers. As travellers we change places, meet new people, build new relations and most important, make beautiful memories. Once again It’s time for our principal/director to change station and meet new travellers at a new junction. As we have gathered to say goodbye to dear ............. let’s all pray for him/her successful journey ahead, healthy life and happy ventures.

Let's whisper a prayer for his/her journey ahead.


Today is the best time to rewind those nostalgic moments and relive those golden memories, yes, the treasured times spent with our principal/director ............ I believe, every one of us is going to miss the time spent with you, sir/ma'am.

 Let’s view the powerpoint presentation and relive the moments 

PPT Presentation

Words are mightier, words live forever, especially when they are the outpouring of a heart.  I request ……………………..  to give a message on behalf of the staff.


Some people have the power to guide and impact us greatly. May I now invite our manager/administrator/coordinator to convey his/her wishes on the occasion.

Farewell Speech

Thank you, Sir for your beautiful expressions.

Our admin staff is creative enough to surprise us all and talented enough to entertain. They are here on the stage with an entertaining presentation. Let’s welcome them.

Presentation by Admin staff

Thanks everyone for a beautiful performance.

Sir, as you are ready to set out on a new phase of your journey, we all have more than enough to express gratitude. May I request ................. to say his/her golden words on the occasion.

Words of Gratitude

Thank you, ......................... for such beautiful outpouring of gratitude.

We shouldn’t be dismayed by good-byes as they are simply words to say that we will miss you all dearly and that we will remember you fondly. The seeds of compassion that are sown by you, have grown into saplings that shall be taken care. The guiding words you have shared with us shall always light our way. Most importantly, the moments spent with you shall always be cherished.

Thank you everyone!

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Foundation Day Anchoring


Foundation Day Anchoring 



A1 - Good order is the foundation of all great and successful things.

A2 - Another day, the sun rose, and it marked one of the most memorable moments for our ............ family as ................... celebrates its Foundation Day, today.

A1 - Good morning respected ………….. the chief guest, dignitaries, all the guests and invitees, and all the staff. We welcome you all to rejoice this day.  

A2 - The present day brings more cherished moments to all of us as our institute has completed 25 glorious years narrating a saga of success and pride.

Lighting of the lamp and prayer

A1 - A tall building stands firm and proud in a strong foundation. let’s begin the celebration with lighting of the lamp with a pledge to its name glowing all over the world. May I request the chief guest and the dignitaries to do the honour. 

Let's all pray for the continued success of our institution.

Welcome of the guests

A2 - We are blessed with the graceful presence of sir .............. as the chief guest of this glorious day.

A1 - I deem it my privilege to welcome our Chief Guest Mr. ...................  who has graced this auspicious occasion with his/her solemn presence.

A2 - We also welcome all the dignitaries, invities and guests among us and celebrate this day with you all. It’s tremendous joy to have you all with us on such a grand occasion. Our hearts are beaming with joy to welcome you all on the occasion.

Welcome speech

A1 - Communion with the enlightened souls is a rare opportunity and great favour as it brightens the atmosphere and enlightens the soul. We all seek wisdom and learning from our chief guest. I request sir ……………………. to come on the stage and enlighten the gathering with his words of wisdom.

A2 - Thank you sir for your blessings and the pearls of wisdom.

Musical Performance

A1 – Now, our extremely talented colleagues are here to set the stage on fire with a beautiful musical performance expressing their heart out on this glorious day.

A2 – I must say that was splendid, Isn’t it.

A1 – Indeed, let’s all give a huge round of applause.

Power Point Presentation (silver journey)

A2 - Gifted and experienced team is a pride of any institution. Our institution has been fortunate enough to have talented staff. On this auspicious occasion let’s call the pioneer members to showcase our journey along with their experience and memorable moments with us through a PPT presentation.

A1 – Thank you all. Let’s give a good round of applause.


A2 - 25 years ago, we set our sails on a voyage together and achieved milestones adding feathers in the cap. Our silver jubilee staff who retired this year. Today, we got an opportunity to come vis-à-vis with two of them. So, let me call them on the stage for a wonderful session with them.

School/College Magazine

A1 - Following the tradition of our institute let’s conclude the programme with the release of the 25th issue of our Magazine .............. This year may I request ………… to release the magazine.


A2 - On this proud moment of 25 years of success and pride let me invite our director/dean/principal to felicitate the committed and deserving members of our institute.


A1 – Coming to the close of event, I would say that such a celebration never comes to an end as it marks a new beginning. Such beautiful occasion has become even more memorable with gracious presence of our distinguished guests and lovely audience.

A2 – So before we conclude, let me call upon …………………………. to propose the vote of thanks.

Republic day anchoring

  Republic Day Anchoring   Introduction/Welcome   “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country” ...

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