Sunday, November 5, 2023

Parents' / Grandparents' Day



Parents’ / Grandparents’ Day


Parents’ love is the only love that is perfectly selfless and purely unconditional. They are the most forgiving, self-sacrificing and trust worthy people we can ever get. They are just like our backbone; they will be with us no matter what circumstances we are in.

Therefore, the parents deserve to get some time to express their love for their children and enhance the mutual understanding. The children must, therefore, learn to appreciate the efforts of their parents in their lives.

Today, It is such a beautiful opportunity when the children and their parents would get to explore hidden talents, know each other more deeply and strengthen their bonds for ever. We always thank our dear parents for the time, effort and love they have bestowed our children with. What better way could we think other than bringing the children and parents on the same platform with a fun filled programme ‘PYAR KE RANG APNO KE SANG.


At the outset, let’s take the opportunity of remembering our spiritual father with the prayer.


Potentials and abilities that are given to us by none other than one of the strongest pillars and seeds of education and they are our dear Parents.

A pleasant morning and hearty welcome to our guests, dear parents/grandparents and everyone out there!

We are extremely elated and honoured to have our dear parents as the guests of the day on this lovely occasion. We all acknowledge your presence and wish to commence the programme with your blessings for this beautiful event. Welcome everyone!


Let’s Explore – Quiz

For every one of us, the most beloved and important people in our lives are our parents. Therefore, Parents retain a special place in our hearts. As actions speak louder than words, we would love to let you know that we are very thankful to each one of you, dear parents. So, we have thought to knit up a small quiz to help you know profoundly, explore deeply and strengthen the eternal bond between you and your children.

I guess the teams of parents and children are ready.

Wow! It was splendid and commendable. A big round of applause for the teams of our children with their beloved parents.


Now may I request our chief guest / a parent on the stage for his words of appreciation and encouragement.

Thank you Sir.

Activity - Dance/song

Kids play with laughter,

They dance with mirth

And bond with the parents,

Bond since their birth,

They look up with hope,

They enjoy with screams,

They learn with them

How to fulfil their dreams.

Our children are ready on their screens to do tiny little things teaming up with their parents. Now, let’s cheer our children for a lovely performance accompanied with their parents

Together We Win - Game

Children learn how to walk, talk, play and win while teaming up with their parents. No force of this world can defeat a child backed by and teamed with his parents. Today we have brought a game of balls in the basket, where the child has to throw as many balls as possible in the basket in a minute. I’m getting excited in anticipation. So let’s begin without any delay. Cheers for the teams.

That a momentous game show displaying joy, love, team spirit and fun unlimited. All applause for the players.

Vote of Thanks

Dear viewers, how touching and nostalgic moments we all have experienced. I’m sure we all would agree. Our hearty thanks to all the parents and children for joining us on this lovely event. We are grateful to you for your presence, active participation, cooperation and enthusiasm. I would also thank and appreciate our managing teams organisers and technical staff. Thanks each and everyone once again for being connected to us directly or indirectly. Bidding you goodbye, See you soon.


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