Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Christmas Celebration


Christmas Celebration/Assembly/Programme

On the seventh day after creating the world, God said, “Let there be light” ……….. and …………….. there was light – light of senses, light of knowledge and light of love.

Good Morning, I am ………………... It’s a matter of great joy and unique privilege to welcome you all among us and celebrate this Christmas with you. Christmas is the celebration of this spiritual light along with the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is when God came down the stairs of heaven with a baby in his arms, and that was Jesus. There is love at Christmas because Jesus is born to teach the lesson of love, and spread love among the humanity. Let us each one keep alive the spirit of love and glorify our birth. Let's begin the programme with a warm welcome to all the guests and invitees. For the purpose I invite ……………….  on the stage.

Welcome Speech

Festivals signify joy, love, compassion, fraternity, unity and togetherness. On this festive occasion meeting with our friends and well wishers enhances the joy of the festival. Celebrating Christmas with you all certainly multiplies our joy. Our hearts are beaming with joy to welcome you on the occasion of Christmas. We are blessed to have our special guest ................. with us on such a grand and festive occasion. We welcome sir and all our guests, friends, well wishers and invitees with a big round of applause.

Thanks __________ .

Christ has no hands but your hands to touch, bless and heal, no feet but your feet to lead men in path of truth, no arms but your arms to raise in prayer, no tongue but your tongues to pray for the suffering mankind, no heart but your love, to care and to feel others’ pain. So dear friends, let us be Christ’s hands, arms, heart and tongue to pray for ourselves and the mankind.

Let’s join our hands and close our eyes, and invoke God’ blessings in our celebrations. Kindly don’t repeat the prayer.


Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son to earth as a baby so many years ago.  Thank you that He paid the punishment for my sins by dying on the cross.  I thank you that He rose again to prove that death was truly defeated. I place my trust in You to be my Saviour. Guide me through the dark times of my life and give me courage to live for You.  We pray, to instil in us a profound sense of your abiding presence, and help us to take to heart the wonder of your love, that we may walk in your ways and delight in your will. Help us, Lord God, to be the faithful, gracious, loving, giving and forgiving people you would have us be. Amen.

Do you know the meaning of Christmas?

Yes of course.

Would you pl. tell me?

Christmas is a festival of joy, it is birth of Jesus. It is about Santa Claus and ................ Christmas tree and .............. lots of gifts.

No, my dear, Christmas is beyond all these things. God granted you the light of Christmas which is faith, the warmth of Christmas which is love, the radiance of Christmas which is purity, the righteousness of Christmas which is justice, the belief in Christmas which is truth, the all of Christmas which is Christ.

Do you really understand the meaning of these heavy words?

I know it’s really difficult but we have found a way to make you understand the real meaning and significance of Christmas through an act ……………….

Let’s enjoy the act.


I hope this skit has been successful in bringing out the true spirit of Christmas and message behind celebration of Christmas. Christmas is a miraculous story of God becoming human, then humbling himself to accept a cruel death which has been truly manifested in the play. Let’s applaud the actors with great cheers.

In the footsteps of my saviour

I would walk each day,

Following everywhere they lead me,

Close to Him to stay forever.

Wisdom is a lamp that dispels the darkness of ignorance. We feel privileged to have a man of vision and virtue among us as our special guest/chief guest. We look up to you for inspiration and encouragement. I request Sir ………………. to share his words of wisdom and encouragement with us.

Speech by Guest

Thank you sir

Celebrating Christmas without carols cannot be imagined. Our meritorious and melodious choir group is here with us to add melody in the air. Let’s hear their magical and musical performance. Please welcome them with a big round of applause.

Carol Singing

Let’s give a huge round of applause to all the singers for such a stunning performance. With this we have come to the close of such a glorious day of Christmas Celebration. Let this Christmas season be the renewing of Christ in our thinking, and cleansing of our lives by His pure presence. Let His joy come to our weary world through us. With this hope and prayer I call upon ……………….. to propose vote of thanks.

Vote of Thanks

 I would like to take this opportunity to place on record our hearty thanks on the occasion of Christmas celebration.

To begin with, we thank our Guest of honour. We would like to acknowledge our esteemed guest sir _______________  who took the time out of his busy schedule and showered upon us his pearls of wisdom and knowledge. We are truly humbled by your presence, sir.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the distinguished guest, our friends and well wishers who have been kind enough to grace this grand occasion.

Above and beyond, let’s not forget the backbone of this grand function. Our teams of performers, who went an extra mile and toiled hard for the show. A special mention of the actors and the delightful singers for adding the auspicious twilight of a cultural glow to the programme.

 I express sincere gratitude to all the organisers for their vision behind the programme and the presenters to carry the show seamlessly. Sincere thanks to the technical team to make the event presentable to all of us. Furthermore, let’s have a special recognition to all the audience who remained patient throughout and encouraged the morale of the performers by their gusto and enthusiasm. Thanks each and everyone involved with the event directly or indirectly. Thank you all.

Thank you …….. . Now I would request everyone to stand and move forward to light the candles and place them on the pedestal, in order to kindle a new hope of love, compassion and peace in this dark world.

Candle Lighting

Holiday and Holy day, Christmas is more than a Yule log, holly or Christmas tree. It is feast of love and friendship, it is feast of home and children, it is feast of charity, peace and love. Let’s all live together, let’s all love together. Thank you everyone once again.

Wish you all a Happy Christmas and a very happy new year ahead.

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